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Week of February 19, 2024
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Is Amazon Prime for $139 Still Worth It?

Does It Matter Which Arm You Get COVID Shots In?


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Mouse Print*-- Blue Bunny No Longer Real Ice Cream

mouse print Blue Bunny has been a rebel in the ice cream business. When most brands downsized from half a gallon, they stayed put. Eventually they gave in to competitive pressures. Now they have made another change that no one probably caught. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Price Match to Save More at These Stores

piggybank Savvy shoppers should not only compare prices before they buy, they should keep checking prices after purhase too. That's because some stores will do a price match or make a price adjustment within X days after purchase. Other stores will only price match before you purchase the item. And some won't do either. Here is a list of popular stores and what their price matching policies are.

Why Are Brown Eggs More Expensive?

eggs Those of us who live in the northeast surely remember the egg advertising of yesteryear - brown eggs are local eggs and local eggs are fresh. But with egg prices still crazy high, why are they more expensive than white eggs? Here's the simple answer.


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How Much Has Your Phone Depreciated?

cellphone We always think about how cars depreciate over time, but so do cellphones. And particularly with the high prices they command these days, you might want to take into account how much your phone will be worth when it comes time to trade it in. These charts show how much recent popular models depreciate over time, with iPhones depreciating less over time than Samsung Galaxy.

Consumer Education

New NY Law Allows Credit Card Surcharges But Prescribes How They Must Be Disclosed

Last week, a new credit card surcharge law went into effect in New York. It allows a merchant to have a higher price for those who pay by credit card but the total price shown must already incorporate the extra charge. The exceptional educational video above explains. Will varying laws mean an end to surcharges?

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Bargain of the Week

Get a Free Burger King Whopper with $1 Purchase

Burger King is having a contest until March 17 where if you create a new Whopper with your ideas for toppings, they will give you one free Whopper when you make a $1 additional purchase after entering. Order must be placed online.

Free Package of Lozenges After Rebate

You can get a full-price online via cell rebate when you buy a package of Beekeeper's Soothing Lozenges at Target. Expiration date unknown. Thanks to Dan K. for this bargain.

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Consumer Reports

Complaints Against Credit Reporting Agencies Soar

For the past three years, having incorrect information on a credit report has been the No. 1 complaint made to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. What's more, the number of complaints about credit report errors more than doubled in recent years, from 165,129 in 2021 to 443,321 in 2023. Consumer Reports offers advice on how to fix credit reporting errors.

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