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21 Scams Used by Car Dealers, And How to Avoid Them

car Car buying is bad enough, but some car dealers subject you to white lies (or worse) to try to get the upper hand. Here are some nasty little ploys used by unscrupulous car salespeople. And here, in a separate story are 10 more ways to avoid car buying "gotchas."

10 Airport Foods You Should Not Eat

airplane With most airlines providing nothing to eat (for free) on their flights, passengers are forced to turn to airport restaurants and concessions before their flight. Smarter Travel takes a look at airport food and discovers many choices to avoid because they are so high in calories, fat, and salt.


Top 16 Myths About New Health Care Law

pills Starting October 1, uninsured individuals can sign up for new health insurance plans under "Obamacare." The central place for information is . Here are a whole bunch of myths that have been "demythtified" about the new law.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- EHD – Excessive Hosting Disorder

mouse print We take a break this week from nasty fine print and focus on a little humorous disclaimer. See the funny fine print that most people missed from last week's Emmy Awards show. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Consumer Reports

Testing Frozen Restaurant Meals Sold at the Grocer

Big name restaurants are making frozen versions of their eatery classics, and selling them at a supermarket near you. Consumer Reports taste-tested some of the popular brands and reports which taste like the restaurant version, and which are poor imitations.

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