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Plastic Flecks in Crest Toothpaste Found Lodged in Gums

A dental hygienist discovered that plastic used to make garbage cans, polyethylene, is a common ingredient in many Crest brand toothpaste varieties. (See list.) She found that these blue flecks of plastic were lodging themselves between patients' teeth and gums. Now P&G, the maker of Crest, says it will remove the polyethylene completely by 2016.

Home Depot Data Breach: 56 Million Cards; Get Free ID Theft Protection

Home Depot Home Depot now says that 56 million payment cards were affected in a data breach over a five month period beginning this past April. Home Depot is offering a year of free credit monitoring and ID theft protection (apply here). Keep in mind that plain old-fashioned credit card fraud is the most likely result of the breach, so check your credit card statements at least weekly for charges you do not recognize.


6 Ways to Outsmart Data Brokers

Privacy Data is being gathered everyday on all of us -- where we shop, what we buy, what Internet sites we visit, where we use our cellphone, etc. And once that data is gathered, companies sell it to marketers. Here are six ways to try to limit how much data is on file about you.

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Mouse Print* -- Don't Give Companies a Free Pass for Tricky Ads

mouse print "Expect More" is part of Target's slogan, but it also should apply to any retailer that doesn't clearly disclose everything they should in advertising. They can and should do better. And you, Mr. and Ms. Shopper, should expect more from them. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Two Free Museum Tickets

Saturday, September 27 is museum day, and Smithsonian Magazine is once again giving away two free tickets to various museums around the country -- some with normal admission charges as high as $25 per person! Get your two passes here.

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