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Mouse Print* -- Fake News Websites with Fake Celebrity Endorsements Begin Scamming Again

mouse print The general public seems to trust products that are endorsed by celebrities. However, in a series of new websites made to look like legitimate news or magazine sites, the endorsements by stars are all fake, made without any input from the actual celebrity. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

Want Scam/Virus Protection? Stop Clicking!

scammer According to a new research study, half of email recipients and 40% of Facebook users clinked on a link from an unknown person although the vast majority knew they were doing something risky. The reason: curiosity.


Which is Cheaper: Amazon or

Amazon Last year, was launched with a goal to beat Amazon at its own game. In many instances, rather than warehouse their own inventory of goods, when a customer ordered an item at, they bought it from other sellers who sent it directly to Jet's customers. They may even have taken a loss on those items. Last month, Walmart announced it was buying So compared to, is cheaper? (Note: With first time buyer discounts of 15% off, Jet may well beat Amazon no matter what the survey found.)

Mysterious Increased Data Use Reported by Verizon Wireless Users

Verizon A series of stories in the Cleveland Plain Dealer suggests that something fishy may be happening on your Verizon Wireless bill. Have you seen unexplained data usage increases over the past six months leading to an overage charge? This journalist has experienced it herself in part one of her story. After her story was published, she heard from thousands of others with similar complaints (and not just Verizon customers). Now the newspaper reports that the FCC is investigating billing irregularities at Verizon. (Note: each link is a separate story.)

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Free Museum Admission for 2

Once again it is time for Smithsonian Magazine's museum day promotion where you can print passes for two people to dozens of museums around the country. Saturday, September 24 is the day this year. Find a participating museum.

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How to Get More Legroom in Coach Free

If you have checking a seating map for an upcoming airline flight, you might have noticed that many seats carry a premium price tag above and beyond your fare. But somehow, middle seats and seats in the back three rows of the plane are plentiful. Consumer Reports offers some tips on how not to pay extra for a better seat.

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