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What Specific Information is "Big Data" Collecting About You? Find Out Now!

privacy Some people are creeped out by the amount of information being collected about us, usually for marketing purposes. Now, one of the big data warehouses is letting you peek inside to see what information they have amassed about you. They also give you an opportunity to correct errors, or to opt-out of targeted marketing that uses that data. The catch: you have to provide personal information about yourself in order for them to make sure they are delivering YOUR record to you rather than someone else's.

Hot Wheels: 10 Most Stolen Cars

car The National Insurance Crime Bureau just released its annual list of the most stolen cars. [Click the PDF link to see the model years involved.] And wouldn't you know it, MrConsumer owns the number one car on the list: the 1996 Honda Accord!


10 Things Medicare Won't Tell You

pills It is no secret that Medicare is a cash-strapped program. Marketwatch points out costly glitches in the program that could affect the quality of health care you receive.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Walmart Touts Free Layaways But Quietly Adds Cancellation Fee

mouse print At Walmart, some customers could wind up paying more this year for items they put on layaway. But the marketing wizards at the retailer found a way to spin the change into a big, positive ad campaign. We show you how. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Two Free Museum Tickets

Smithsonian Magazine is once again promoting "Museum Day" -- Saturday, September 28 -- at museums all across the country. You can get two free tickets to any one of the participating museums by reserving and printing your tickets in advance.

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Consumer Reports

The Truth about the Thread Count in Sheets

We tend to think that more is better, so most consumers might choose a 600 thread count sheet over one that is 300 count. Not so fast, says Consumer Reports. They explain why more threads are not necessarily better, and what the sweet spot is for getting a durable, comfortable sheet.

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