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Week of September 11, 2017 (see last week)

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Did Equifax Hackers Get Your Info?

credit bureau As you have probably heard, Equifax, one of the big three credit bureaus had a security breach and personal information including social security numbers were stolen impacting 143 million Americans. See if your information was taken here (click "potential impact"). Whether it was or wasn't, Equifax is offering free a one-year deluxe version of their ID theft protection and credit monitoring service covering all three credit bureaus. Sign up here and return one week later to to activate the service. Additionally, here is advice from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and Consumer Reports on what to do if your data was stolen. Lastly, Equifax has announced that the binding arbitration clause contained in its credit monitoring agreement will NOT apply to this data breach.

Can You Believe Drug Expiration Dates?

prescription pills When you get a prescription filled there is usually an expiration date on the bottle. Does the drug really become ineffective then? In some cases, testing has shown certain drugs still maintain their potency and effectiveness decades beyond their expiration date! Obviously, not all drugs have nine lives.


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Customers' Favorite Pharmacies

pills As prescription drug prices rise, consumers' satisfaction with drugstores is dropping. J. D. Power talked to over 17,000 pharmacy customers to gauge their satisfaction with both brick and mortar as well as mail order pharmacies. The results are divided into additional categories like supermarket pharmacies, retail chains, etc. Of the big brand drugstores, Walgreens finishes last. See how your pharmacy ranks.

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Mouse Print* -- Brush Your Teeth and Get Vitamins Too?

mouse print They add vitamins to everything these days it seems, and now there's a toothpaste spiked with them too. Can you really boost your nutrition just by brushing your teeth? That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Tee Shirts - $2

It only happens a couple of times a year. Michael's is offering men's, women's and kids colored tee shirts at 5 for $10 through Saturday. Be careful of the fanciful language on labels about cotton content. If you want 100% cotton only, look for that specific designation on selected colors.

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Top-Rated Portable Generators

We're in hurricane season and many people are not only fearful of flooding, but also losing electric power. Here are Consumer Reports' top picks for portable generators. Do not place indoors!

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