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Grocery Products Keep Shrinking

Welcome ABC World News viewers. For some more examples of products that have been downsized, please visit our sister site that examines the fine print in advertising and on product labels, Mouse Print*.

What to Buy in September

A new month means new deals (and not so great deals). Here are suggestions for the best and worst things to buy in September: story 1, story 2.

Cheapy Airline's Top Exec Calls Consumers "Idiots"

airplane The CEO of Ryanair, a UK airline known for advertising dirt cheap fares laced with hidden exorbitant fees, called fliers who pay some of those fees "idiots." Exhibit A: A woman who failed to print boarding passes before getting to the airport was hit with a $380 fee for printing them at the airport. She complained to the CEO (and on Facebook). He reportedly wrote back, "Thank you Mrs. McLeod but it was your ****-up.” Read Bob Sullivan's take on this jackhole, and the original UK story about the incident. Add your two-cents-worth here (or read others' comments).


Prepaid Cards Loaded with Fees

credit cards The hottest financial products these days are prepaid debit cards. But according to a new study, they are loaded with fees and other pitfalls (like lack of federal regulation and protection that apply to other debit and credit cards). In some cases, however, these cards are cheaper than checking accounts. Here is the full report [pdf].

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Capri Sun Tropical Punch: All Natural*

mouse print The box that Capri Sun Tropical Punch used to come in made the product look so healthy with 10 different fruits pictured. Closer scrutiny of the actual ingredients of the product, however, leads one to a different conclusion. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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2 Free Museum Tickets

Smithsonian magazine is sponsoring "museum day" on Saturday September 29. Get two free tickets to the museum of your choice from their list of participating museums. Order tickets now.

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Do-It-Yourself Legal Websites Tested

Consumer Reports tested three legal websites (LegalZoom, Nolo, and Rocket Lawyer) that offer services for a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer. Here's their verdict.

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