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How to Haggle Over Almost Anything

save money Everyone knows you can negotiate the price of a new car. But you can also haggle at the appliance store, supermarket, or with your cell, cable and Internet provider. Here are some pointers.

Don't Make These 10 Health Insurance Mistakes

doctor Open enrollment for many people is only three weeks away. Here are some tips about making smart health insurance choices and how to avoid some common mistakes.


30 Ways You Waste Money

burn money MrConsumer was always taught that if you watch your nickels and dimes, the dollars take care of themselves. While that is not completely true, it speaks well to the concept that wasting a small amount of money here and there really adds up. Here are some ways you may be wasting money.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Honestly, Could They Make the Disclosure Any Smaller?

mouse print Disclaimers in TV commercials are very annoying. They flash on and off the screen so quickly, and the font is so small, it is almost impossible to read them. We freeze one commercial to see what they are trying to slip in, and note the irony of the company's practices. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Get $5 off a PayPal Purchase

Watch PayPal's purchase demonstration online, then at the end you can choose to receive a $5 coupon for a PayPal purchase (at sellers that accept their coupons). Coupon expires the end of September.

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Consumer Reports

How to Decode Soundalike Products

Consumer Reports' sister publication, Shop Smart magazine, says that soundalike product descriptions can easily mislead you. For example, do you know the difference between "light" mayonnaise and "low fat" mayonnaise?

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