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You May be Entitled to Compensation for Air Flight Woes

airline If your flight is delayed, cancelled, or overbooked, you may be entitled to compensation in some of these cases. A website called will evaluate the circumstances of your travel nightmare, and file a claim on your behalf if justified. If they get money back for you, they keep 25%.

8 Situations When You Should Ask for a Discount

money Many consumers are shy about asking for a seller to knock some money off a stated price. Here are eight reasons to help justify why you should be given a discount under certain circumstances.


Avoid These 7 Self-Inflicted Hits to Your Credit Score

credit score Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. For example, you go on a credit application binge, applying to multiple credit grantors in a short period of time. Those "hard pulls" of your credit report can result in a ding to your score. Here are seven other moves that can lower your score.

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Mouse Print* -- Where's the Political Disclaimer?

mouse print Some sharp-eyed folks noticed that some presidential campaign advertising online did not contain the usual disclosure indicating who paid for and approved the ad. Oops...or maybe not, according to the law. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Logitech Replacement Keyboard - ~$6.66

This is a crazy price for a great wired desktop computer keyboard, the Logitech K120. Avoid shipping charges by ordering online for free store delivery at Walmart, or price match at Staples (where it normally sells for almost FOUR TIMES the price).

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Consumer Reports

7 Products Deeply Discounted in September

It is summer clearance time, so look for those deals. In addition, Consumer Reports says this is a good time to buy these seven things.

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