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10 Products You Shouldn't Buy Generic

Generics We all know that the store brand or generic brands can save a lot of money compared to their brand name counterparts. However, according to MoneyTalksNews, there are just some products where the brand name is a better choice.

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Inside Romance Scams - Part 1

heart One of the nastiest scams out there is the romance scam. The victim is usually an older woman who meets the guy of her dreams online and he just happens to be out of the country. He professes his love for her. At some point after he has gained the confidence of his beloved, an emergency arises and he asks for money. She pays... and then pays again, and again. Here is part one of an in depth article on romance scams, written by former Federal Trade Commission regional office director Steve Baker.


Great Deals on These 2016 Car Leftovers

new car The end of the car model year signals the time for extra discounts on clearance vehicles. Edmunds says that these 10 cars offer the best incentives for buyers right now.

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Mouse Print* -- "This is Not a Bill"

mouse print Don't you love the companies that send you something that looks like an invoice, but in fine print somewhere on the document it says "this is not a bill." The FTC recently said enough is enough and went after a bunch of these scamsters. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

4 Pounds of Tyson Chicken Nuggets - $2.98 after gift card

Until Saturday, buy two packages of Tyson chicken nuggets (29-32 oz each) at Target at regular price for about $4.99 each (other varieties of chicken too), and get back a $5 Target gift card at the register. Use printable dollar-off coupons to save a buck on each bag. (Only one coupon print allowed per browser/computer, and requires installation of an app.) See back page of Target circular for offer. Quantities limited, not in all stores.

Get $10 in SYW Points for Test Driving a Mattress at Sears

Here is an easy $10 back in Shop Your Way points at Sears stores. Just try one of the mattresses in the store, and you'll get a credit the next day (that expires in two weeks). Print coupon. Offer expires 9/11.

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Consumer Reports

Don't Get Unfairly Charged for Rental Car Damage

Imagine renting a car and being charged for damage that occurred before or after you drove it. It sounds outrageous. But that’s exactly what can happen if you don’t take precautions, especially if you’re renting from a car-sharing service such as Zipcar. Consumer Reports offers tips.

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