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Price-Match Policies Get Tricky

Several brick and mortar stores just announced new price-match policies that now include matching Internet prices. So, Consumer World decided to survey nine major retailers' policies, and discovered sneaky fine print that could allow them to wiggle out of giving you any money back in many instances.

Confessions of a Con Man

scam man His name is "Jim", and for 10 years he worked in 30 fraudulent businesses ripping off people like you. He tells his life story, and reveals the techniques he used to sucker victims.

25 Things You Shouldn't Buy at a Grocery Store

shopping cart Besides those impulse items at the checkout, here are a bunch of over-priced items at the supermarket that you can get cheaper elsewhere.


Fabulous Freebies 2012

free Kiplinger just published its annual list of "fabulous freebies" which includes free software, free wi-fi, free passport pictures, free e-books and audiobooks, and more.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Guaranteed to Fail in Seven Years

mouse print Imagine MrConsumer's surprise when he read the fine print in a just-purchased (and not cheap) carbon monoxide detector that in essence said that the detector would commit hara-kiri at the time it reached its seventh birthday. What? Why? That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Free and Cheap Food on Halloween

Halloween isn't just for kids anymore. A number of eateries are offering free and cheap food, including "boorritos" for $2 at Chipotle, and 50 cent corn dogs at Sonic.

MalwareBytes Lifetime Subscription -- $10.99

One of the better software programs that works along side anti-virus software is MalwareBytes. Now, get it with updates for life, for only $10.99 with coupon code EMCJNHD244 . You must login to your Newegg account (or set one up) before you can add this code at checkout. Shipping is free too. Offer may expire in a day or two.

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Picking a New Health Insurance Plan

With open season upon us, Consumer Reports offers tips on selecting among the various types of health plans.

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