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10 Things Hotels Don't Want You to Know

luggage Taking a page from its clever brethren in the travel industry, hotels are finding ways to ding consumers with undisclosed fees and policies. Here are 10 dirty little secrets of the hotel industry.

Group Gets Fake Hotels and Phony Reviews of Them on TripAdvisor

hotel The UK's leading consumer organization, Which?, did the seemingly impossible. They got three phony hotels listed on TripAdvisor, and then submitted fake reviews, 18 of which were published. Here are tips on spotting fake hotel reviews, and a website where you can copy and paste a review and a computer judges its authenticity.


CRT TV or Monitor Purchasers from 1995-2007 are Owed Money!

monitor Two class action lawsuits are being settled for purchasers of cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs and monitors as far back as 1995 in some cases. You must live in one of the 21 covered states and purchased it indirectly (not from the mfr.) File claims here. For consumers who made purchases directly from the manufacturer, file those claims here.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Reese’s Snack Sizes — Trick or Treat?

mouse print Just in time for Halloween, an eagle-eyed Mouse Print* reader noticed a few tricks in Reese's snack size treats. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Black & Decker 18v Drill - $29.88

This 18-volt Black and Decker drill (model GC1801) is over $50 everywhere else, but just reduced at Walmart and to $29.88. It has a two year warranty. Remember, these are home-quality drills, not meant for heavy use.

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Consumer Reports

High-Rated Tesla Downgraded on Reliability

In tests, Tesla S, the $100,000+ car, broke the Consumer Reports rating scale scoring over 100. Now the testing organization is backpeddling saying that owners of the high-priced electric car are complaining about an above average amount of problems.

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