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The Dirty Business of Mattress Reviews

Many consumers rely on product reviews online when making a purchase decision. And one particular category -- online only mattresses -- has created a special need for reviews because the product cannot be tested in stores. A slew of mattress review sites has emerged, and this Fast Company article details some of the often too cozy (and sometimes uncomfortable) relationships between online mattress sellers and the people that review them.

Pharmacy Prices Compared

pills The website Cheapism did a comparison pricing study of prescription and nonprescription drugs at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart and Kroger. In each of the categories, Walmart came out the cheapest except for prescriptions. Here are the comparison charts. (Keep in mind that Costco often beats all other retail competitors on prescriptions.)


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Counterfeit iPhone Chargers Flunk Safety Tests

iPhone charger If you see a bargain on an iPhone charger, be careful. UL tested 400 counterfeit iPhone powers adapters and all but three failed their basic safety tests. Here is the short version of the story, and here is the full report.

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Mouse Print* -- AA & UA Penalize Carry-on Luggage Cheats

mouse print Always dreaming up new ways to charge extra fees to travelers, American Airlines and United Airlines have come up with a new doozy. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Refurbished Nest Learning Thermostat - $139

Until November 3, Home Depot has refurbished second generation Nest wi-fi learning thermostats $40 off -- for $139. (They are up to 3rd generation now.) Check if your utility has a rebate offer, sometimes $50 to $100, on wi-fi thermostats. Note: some states, like MA, exclude refurbs from the rebate.

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How Long Does the Battery Last in Cordless Drills?

No one wants a cordless drill where the battery keeps dying. So Consumer Reports tested drills to see how many screws they could drill before the battery conked out. Here are the results.

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