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What Google Tracks About You, and How to Delete It

privacy Google knows a lot about you. In fact, it has a profile of your interests. And it has a record of everything you have said to it, such as reminders made on your Android device. It even knows where you have been. This story shows you how to see what Google knows about you and how to delete it.

The 10 Types of People Who Fall for Scams

scams The AARP did a comprehensive study about scams and identified 10 risk factors for those people most likely to be taken in by scams and cons. For investment fraud, for example, white middle-aged men are the typical victims.


5 Lies that Retailers Tell

sale Whether it is a going out of business sale, a price match guarantee, or use of the word "free" ... there are probably strings attached that don't work in your favor. Here are five tricks of the retail trade.

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Mouse Print* -- The Macy's Columbus Day Sale that Wasn't

mouse print Columbus Day used to be a very special sale day. Not anymore. And certainly not when it came to finding this advertised item at Macy's. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Return Shipping When Using PayPal

Here's a new benefit if you pay for your online purchase using PayPal: you can return up to four purchases between now and January 31, and they will reimburse the shipping cost up to $30 each time.

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Consumer Reports

The Debate Over Cellphones and Cancer Continues

For years we have been hearing of the possibility that radiation from cellphones can cause cancer. And then you hear a study debunking it. It is kind of like all those conflicting studies about eggs -- one day they are bad for you, and the next they are okay. Here is the latest information about cellphones and their cancer risk.

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