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Most Banks Miss Deadline to Install Chip Card Readers in ATMs

While retailers have spent the last year installing and enabling checkout terminals to process transactions using the more secure computer chip on most newer credit and debit cards, banks have been very slow to convert their ATMs to read them. In fact, according to two Consumer World surveys just published, few banks have made a full conversion despite an October 21 deadline imposed by MasterCard.

13 Top Cars in Road Tests by Consumer Reports

new car Consumer Reports rates cars on a zero to 100 scale based on road tests and other factors. Here are their bakers' dozen of cars that scored 90 points or higher.

Cell Service Test Results by City

cell Root Metrics is the premier testing organization for cell service across the country. They recently received results of thousands of tests over the first half of 2016. See how each of the big four carriers ranked in your city on reliability, speed, and performance.


How Many Times Has Your Personal Info Been Exposed to Hackers?

privacy Use this interactive chart to figure out how often your passwords, account numbers, date of birth and more have been potentially compromised in the past several years based on the companies you do business with. It's scary!

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Mouse Print* -- When is "Sold by Amazon" Not the Same as "Bought from Amazon"?

mouse print A Mouse Print* reader recently got snookered by some fine print on Amazon's website. He expected to get free piano lessons with his piano purchase there, but all he got was grief. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Fast Food Halloween Coupons Booklets for $1

You can get (or give) some high-calorie treats this Halloween from PARTICIPATING major fast food restaurant locations. Burger King: six coupons for ice cream, cookies, french fries, etc. McDonald's: 12 coupons for ice cream, apple slices, milk, and hamburgers. Wendy's: Five Frosties. All booklets are $1.

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Top Drip Coffeemakers Named

You could pay $100 for the Consumer Reports' top pick for drip coffeemakers. Or you could pay only $20 for their third-ranked one. Here are the coffeemaker winners.

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