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8 Sneaky Ways Supermarkets Get You to Spend More

cart Supermarkets, like all retailers would like you to spend more when you shop at their stores. Here are some of the clever mind games that grocers play to increase their sales.

Q&A: How to Book the Cheapest Holiday Travel

airplane The New York Times says that data researchers have gotten pretty good at determining the best times to book air travel as well as when to fly. Here are their best tips to snag a travel deal (and when).


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Postal Service Seeks Rate Hike

mail The U.S. Postal Service has submitted a request to raise postage rates. If approved, starting January 21, 2018, first class mail will go up a penny to 50 cents and postcards will be a penny higher too. Priority mail will also increase between three and nine percent.

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Mouse Print* -- Thanks for Nothing, Bass Pro Shops

mouse print Everybody loves a bargain, including one of our readers who wrote to us recently about a clearance purchase he made at Bass Pro Shops. He and his wife got a quite a surprise when they peeled back the clearance price label after they bought the item. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Cell Deal: 100 Min./100 Texts/500mb LTE Data - $5/mo!

Red Pocket Mobile is offering a great deal for low-volume users. Each month you get 100 minutes of calling, plus 100 texts, plus 500 megabytes of high-speed 4G LTE data for only $5 (sold via a $60 annual prepaid card). You get your choice of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint as the underlying carrier. Only for sale at Red Pocket's eBay store. (Other plans available at both their regular site and on eBay.)

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Is Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software Spying on You?

Reports in the major media suggest a vulnerability in Kaspersky software has allowed Russian agents to scan and steal information from computers on which it is installed. Here's what Consumer Reports recommends to do if you have Kaspersky.

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