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How Con Artists Trick Your Mind

scam If you think that only the less-educated or senior citizens fall for scams, think again. Research suggests that scammers use seven different techniques to help separate you from your money. Here are some of the tricks of the trade.

Black Friday Deal Predictions

Black Friday Believe it or not, Black Friday is only about six weeks away. What kind of deals are going to be offered this year? DealNews offers their predictions for HDTVs, cellphone, laptops and more. They even think you'll see the iPhone 6 for just $99, and 42" HDTV for under $250.


What to Get, What to Forget at Target

Target According to Consumer Reports there are both hits and misses at Target. Here are their suggestions of what to buy and what to skip at Target.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- What Would You Give Up in Exchange for Free Wi-Fi?

mouse print Most people don't read the fine print terms and conditions statement when logging onto a free wi-fi network in a public place. Some folks in London would have gotten quite a surprise had they done so. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

$50 off $200 Staples Purchase

If you sign up for Visa Checkout and select that method of payment when checking out at, you will get $50 off your $200 or more purchase. This is in addition to any other Staples' discounts. Good thru 10/31.

40% off UPS/USPS Shipping

Print this coupon from Staples, and get an unheard of 40% off shipping a package via UPS or United States Postal Service! Good through October 18.

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Consumer Reports

Is Your Car Covered by a Free Secret Warranty?

There are hundreds of secret warranties (or technical service bulletins) out there to cover automobile defects that the manufacturer has voluntarily decided to fix for free. Is your car subject to one of them?

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