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How to Stop Videos and Ads from Autoplaying on Websites

It drives MrConsumer crazy to visit a website and find that a video with sound or music begins to play automatically. How intrusive! Most times we won't even consider the story on that page for inclusion in Consumer World because of that annoyance factor. Now there is a way to stop autoplaying of videos in various browsers. Thank goodness!

How to Spot a Flood Damaged Car

car With so many heavy rains and floods around the country recently, there are going to be a whole lot of cars for sale that may have been flood damaged. Here are tips on how to spot a flood damaged car. And to see if a particular car has been declared flood damaged by an insurance company, use Carfax's free flood damage lookup tool.


How Health Care Costs Vary City to City

doctor10 The costs for a blood test, MRI, mammogram, or visit to a primary care doctor are literally all over the map. Here's an interactive map of prices for various procedures across the country. For example, a preventative doctor's visit averages $228 in Minneapolis, $133 in New York City, and $96 in Miami.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Kiss Your Written Warranty Goodbye

mouse print For 40 years, federal law has required product manufacturers to stick a copy of any written warranty they provide in the box the product comes in. Not any more, according to the fine print of a new consumer(?) law. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

3 Dozen Pentel Gel Pens -- $10

Through October 17, Staples (stores only) has all pens, buy 2 get 1 free. For example, Pentel retractable gel ink pens 12-packs (of assorted colors or black) are on sale for $5 (reg. $9.79). So, you can get three packs (36 gel pens) for only $10.

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Consumer Reports

What If Your Pizza Place Charged Like a Hospital?

Medical billing is a crazy system with in- and out-of-network charges, differing charges for the same procedure, etc. Imagine if other things we buy were billed in this crazy way. Here's a video poking fun at the problem.

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