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Car Repair Shops Caught Recommending Unneeded Work

car repairs The premier Canadian consumer program, Marketplace, sent bait cars and hidden cameras into several car repair shops. They found some of them recommended unneeded repairs or maintenance. Watch their 22-minute program in full catching the repair shops red-handed and squirming when confronted.

Are You Owed Money from Consumer Class Action Settlements?

money We always hear about class action cases being filed and then settled, but many people are not directly notified that they are entitled to some money back. Here is a list of class action settlements where the claim period is still open. See which companies you did business with that may owe you money.


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Buying a Pet Online? Watch Out!

dog The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers that an international scheme to sell non-existent puppies and other pets to unsuspecting consumers may be significantly more organized and widespread than generally believed. Here is a summary of the report, and here is the full report.

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Mouse Print* -- FDA: If You Make Your Product with Love, Don't Advertise it

mouse print Facing criticism that the agency has not been cracking down on consumer violations, the FDA recently warned a bakery that it shouldn't disclose that its products were made with love. Huh? That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

$10 Off $100 Purchase at

Here is a rare coupon code (HOMEDEPOT10) to use at to save $10 on a $100 or more purchase. Code expires 10/31.

Bargain Messageboard FatWallet Closes

Shoppers will shed a tear when, one of the two leading bargain messageboards, closes for good this week. Their hot deals forum was the source of many bargains featured here in Consumer World. Thanks to all the FatWallet contributors who have no doubt saved shoppers millions of dollars over the forum's 17 year history. We are now left with just one other "hot deals" forum at

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Most Energy Efficient Refrigerators

Consumer Reports' ratings have more than 300 refrigerators listed. Here is an excerpt from that list showing their top refrigerator choices for energy efficiency.

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