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10 Most/Least Tax Friendly States for Retirees

Bad Advice If you are nearing retirement, Kiplinger directs you to the 10 states that will tax you less. Some of these states won't tax social security benefits or government pensions, for example. For contrast, here are the 10 least tax friendly states.

23 Money-Saving Travel Sites

airline There are a host of websites that can help you save money on travel. One site helps predict if airfares will be going up or down. Another shows you only hotels with special deals. And yet another gets cruise agencies to compete against one another for your business.


15 Reuses for Detergent Bottles

Tide Certainly you could put that empty Tide bottle in the recycle bin, but there are many more creative uses for it. You could use it as a watering can for plants, as a shaker for ice melter, or more than a dozen other novel uses.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Refusing to Make Repairs Under a Service Contract

mouse print The first thing that a salesperson does when you buy a major appliance is to try to sell you a service contract. One consumer took the bait after buying an expensive GE washer and dryer. She discovered to her chagrin that rather than peace of mind, she bought into a headache when the company refused to make repairs that were too costly. Can they do that? We examine the fine print this week in Mouse Print*.

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Cookbooks - About 75% off

Over 4000 deeply discounted cookbooks are now an extra 50% off until October 17. Shipping is cheap too. Grab'm now for holiday gifts. ++

Free Lindt Chocolate

On Tuesday, Lindt will begin distribution via their Facebook page of one million coupons good for up to 6-oz of Lindor truffles free. Hurry.

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Consumer Reports

Health Care Reform in Plain English

Consumer Reports has just published a new brochure on health care reform [pdf] that explains the benefits currently available and the new ones you can expect starting in 2014.

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