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10 Things Cable Companies Won't Tell You

cable From the lost story list... the Wall Street Journal looks at some of the realities of the cable industry including disgruntled customers, and how the companies get away with some of their practices.

Changing the Rules About Laundry Water Temperature

washer Like most people, you were probably taught to use the hottest water available (in most cases) to get your laundry the cleanest. Now Consumer Reports says that higher temperatures can actually diminish the effectiveness of some cleaning enzymes! So what temperature water should we use?


How Good Could a $50 Smartphone Be?

cellphone Prepaid phone service offers a low-cost alternative to postpaid, often costing only $30-$35 a month including all taxes. But what about their phones? Consumer World reviews the $49.99 ZTE Overture 2 smartphone from Cricket Wireless (an AT&T company) and is pleasantly surprised!

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Small Business Saturday Stunner

mouse print MrConsumer had already marked Saturday November 28th on his calendar. It's "Small Business Saturday" when American Express rewards cardholders with $25 to $30 in free money to spend at small retailers. There's just one problem this year. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Free ID Theft Protection for T-Mobile Customers

If you signed up for T-Mobile postpaid service between September 1, 2013 and September 16, 2015, you can get two years of Experian's ID theft protection services free.

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Consumer Reports

Lies, Secrets, and Scams: How to Prevent Elder Abuse

This is a major article by Consumer Reports about the billions of dollars that seniors are losing every year to scams and other financial abuse.

Kiplinger Personal Finance

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