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CSPI: What Your Supermarket Stocks and Where Products are Placed is Rigged

cart The Center for Science in the Public Interest just issued a major investigative report alleging that large grocery manufacturers pay huge sums to supermarkets ("slotting fees") to get their products on the shelves and in specific spots. Really large brands can also dictate where competitors' products are placed, and that could be a violation of antitrust laws. Here is a summary of the report and here is the full report.

AAA Says Not All Gasoline the Same

gas Most people buy the cheapest gas or the most convenient. Now according to tests by AAA, brands that don't meet "Top Tier" standards with more detergent additives leave 19 times more carbon deposits in engines, reducing fuel economy and increasing emissions. Here are brands that meet "Top Tier" standards. Note: It is possible that this is a bit of a marketing gimmick and that brands that don't pay the "Top Tier" annual licensing fee may have detergents and additives equivalent to the Top Tier requirements.


10 Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10

Windows 10 Most of us have had a year to get used to Windows 10, but there are always some neat tricks we can learn to do things easier or better.

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Mouse Print* -- Sued Over Disabling Competing Ink Cartridges, HP Apologizes to Users

mouse print A day late and a dollar short, Hewlett Packard apologized to customers for bricking their printers in an effort to get users to buy only genuine HP ink cartridges. Could it have been a lawsuit filed last week that prompted their turnaround? That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Get 10% Back on Your Cable Bill Thru 1/31

For select American Express cardholders, you could qualify to get 10% back per month up to $30 total back on your payment for cable TV or satellite bills (assuming they accept AMEX) from now through the end of January. Login to your account at and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to look through all the offers. If you're lucky, you will see the 10% back offer. Load it onto your account and follow their instructions.

3 Free Colgate Toothpastes after coupons

Through Saturday at Walgreens: Colgate 4 oz Total OR Colgate 3.5 oz Optic White or Colgate 6 oz Max Fresh are $3. Use the store coupon on the cover of the Walgreens circular this week, good for up to three tubes at $2 off each. Then from the Smart Source coupon insert from Sunday Oct. 2, use the $1 off coupon and try to find two more like it. Net price for three tubes is zero.

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Consumer Reports

It's Not Just Samsung Galaxy Note 7s That Can Explode

Pop goes the washer is Samsung's new worry. There have been reports of some Samsung top loading washers "exploding." According to the complaints filed with the CPSC, the problem seems to occur during the spin cycle when some machines suddenly and sometimes violently break apart.

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