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c|net's Best Electronics of 2017

c|net Picking the right electronic products today is not easy, so c|net has come up with its best picks for 2017. The list is broken down by categories: headphones, cellphones, speakers, TVs, laptops, tablets, routers, wearables, and more.

Not home? Walmart Wants to Walk in and Stock Your Fridge is testing the idea of delivering your order right into your home even when you are not there! You would need an electronic lock on your door and the delivery person would use a one-time code to enter.


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Key Food Prices Up, A Few Down

shopping cart According to a small survey by the American Farm Bureau, key food items have jumped up 3% in price since last fall. Among the price hikes are bacon (up 19%), chicken breast (up 9%), flour (up 7 percent), and orange juice (up 6%). See the other changes, including the four items that dropped in price.

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Mouse Print* -- T-Mobile Advertises: Ditch Verizon, Keep Your Phone ???

mouse print Many people have found that they cannot use their old cellphone when they switch carriers and have to buy a new one. To lure new customers, T-Mobile is advertising that you can take your Verizon cellphone with you. Really? That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

A Dozen Free Products at Dollar Tree After Coupons

Did you know that Dollar Tree where everything is a dollar takes manufacturers coupons? They do, and sometimes you can get the item free, as with these dozen current examples. Not all products shown in all stores.

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Quiz: 9 Foods - Healthy or Not?

Consumer Reports has created a nine question interactive quiz asking if certain foods are healthy or not. Take the quiz.

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