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Which Supermarkets are Least Expensive and Offer the Best Quality?

cart Consumers' Checkbook just checked grocery store prices and surveyed readers about supermarkets and product quality in seven metropolitan areas: Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Delaware Valley, Puget Sound, Twin Cities, and Washington, DC. Exclusively for Consumer World readers, they are offering free access to both the store ratings and accompanying stories about their findings and how to save money on groceries.

Should You Allow Your Insurance Company to Track Your Fitbit?

FitBit John Hancock recently announced that it was adding a fitness option to its policies whereby you could allow the company to track how much exercise you do, such as by getting the data from your Fitbit wristband. Should you allow your insurer to track your exercise routine? This story says "yes" and this one says "no." Lastly, this story explores the privacy and security risks. (Note: each link is a separate story.)



Quiz: How Savvy a Traveler Are You?

luggage So you think you're a pretty smart traveler, do you? Take this quiz from the NY Times (monthly free story limits apply) to test your travel smarts. MrConsumer didn't do too well on this quiz, so the answers are not always obvious!

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Mouse Print* -- Quietly Drops Price Matching

mouse print Walmart has quietly dropped its price guarantee in stores, and now it is another retailer's turn. But, they don't want to talk about this anti-consumer move. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

$5 Movies at AMC

Every Tuesday, you can see a movie at AMC theaters across the country for only $5. You must be a Stubs member, their loyalty program. Joining is free. Click "Join AMC Stubs" in the upper left hand corner of their homepage, and then "join now" in the center of the page. The free membership is the one called "Stubs Insider."

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Get the Most TV for Your Dollar

Consumer Reports offers tips on how to get the best TV at the best price this fall. Included is a price graph showing how and when prices drop in the fall. Here is the same story with TV test results ratings (theoretically only available to subscribers, but click anyway).

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