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Aloe Vera Missing in CVS, Target, and Walmart Products

aloe vera You buy an aloe vera product and you expect that it will contain aloe vera, right? According to tests done by Bloomberg, store brand aloe vera products from CVS, Walmart and Target were missing this key ingredient! And tests on a Walgreens aloe vera product were inconclusive.

Don't Trust Amazon for Lowest Prices

Amazon Fifty to sixty million people have joined Amazon's $99 Prime membership program, and many may be believe that they only need to shop at Amazon to get the best prices. That is not so, according to various studies. Herewith then are shopping strategies, tools, and techniques to find the best deals.


Trouble in Toyland 2016

toys Every year, consumer advocacy organizations warn us about unsafe toys, and this year is no exception. So if you are buying toys for little ones, here are two lists you have to check: WATCH's 10 Worst Toys, and from US PIRG, their annual report on recalled toys that still may be in consumers' homes.

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Mouse Print* -- Chipotle Sued Over Misleading Calorie Count

mouse print The menu board at Chipotle says that their new chorizo sausage burrito is only 300 calories. Our trusty mouse added up the calories in each component of that dish, and that total is more than triple what Chipotle claims. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Amazon Cyber Week Sale Items

This is the big week for online shoppers who hate to fight the crowds in stores. Here is the Amazon Cyber Monday/Cyber Week sale . ++

Monday only: Save 33% at JCP; 15% at Target

Spend $100 or more at JC Penney, and get an additional 33% off with coupon code TOSAVE23. At Target, get an additional 15% off when you checkout on Monday. ++

Other Cyber Monday Deals

Although we consider Cyber Monday to be a Black Friday wannabee, here are some ads and specific deals for you to review.

See also: Hot Deals

Consumer Reports

31 Teaching Hospitals Pose Infection Risk to Patients

Consumer Reports says that while many big hospitals have taken steps to curb in-hospital infections, these 31 teaching hospital around the country have the worst record.

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