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Despite Promises, Few Prices Lowered at Whole Foods Three Months After Amazon's Acquisition

Whole Foods A price-check of Boston area Whole Foods stores by Consumer World exactly three months after the notoriously expensive chain was acquired by Amazon with promises to lower prices reveals that relatively few items have actually been reduced in price despite widespread publicity touting the cuts.

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Mouse Print* -- Some Retailers Misled Shoppers on Black Friday Sale Savings

mouse print Everybody loves a bargain, and some retailers take advantage of that by exaggerating the actual savings that will accrue to you on certain purchases. We show you how some big name retailers tried to claim hundreds of extra dollars in phantom savings last week. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.


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Make Money Selling Pix on your Cellphone

cellphone pix The cameras on cellphones are so good these days, if you are a half decent photographer, you might be able to sell your photos on several online sites like Shutterstock. Here are the pros and cons of each of the major photo sites.

Beware These 10 Car Dealer Scams

new car Buying a car is rarely fun, but when the dealer sets out to pull a fast one, you better hold onto your wallet. Here are 10 scammy practices that some dealers play.

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$25 Off $100+ Purchase with Visa Checkout

Through Cyber Monday, November 27, get $25 off instantly on a $100 or more purchase at when you select "Visa Checkout" when paying online. Note: a few item exclusions apply. Enroll in Visa Checkout here, and see $25 offer here. If your cart doesn't show the $25 reduction after selecting Visa Checkout, do not proceed.

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Is "Instant Pot" -- the One Pot Wonder -- Any Good?

The manufacturer of the $100 Instant Pot says it replaces seven kitchen appliances -— so you’ll no longer need a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, warmer, and whatever you use to sauté. Consumer Reports puts it to the test.

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