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Top 10 Tips to Bag a Bargain on Black Friday

shopping bags This is our annual preview of the best deals and shopping strategies to employ to get the most out of Black Friday shopping. You've got to do your homework to snag the best deals.

HDTV Buying Guides

tv Probably the biggest single item on sale during Black Friday will be high definition televisions. With so many choices, you've got to do your homework to make a wise selection. Here is a guide to understanding what 4K/UHD (ultra high definition) means. Here are buying guide from c|net, Tom's Guide, and Consumer Reports. And you can find reviews of specific TV models here.


Black Friday Shopping Tools

Black Friday Don't wait until Thanksgiving day to begin thinking about Black Friday shopping. Here are some tools to shop smarter:
  • See the sale circulars now.
  • Times When B.F. Sales Begin ONLINE
  • Check store maps for doorbuster locations in-store at Target and Walmart (find your store, and look at page 2 of the WM circular).
  • Find all TVs at all stores, low to high (use category filters for this and other product types)

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    Mouse Print* -- Thanks for Nothing: United Airlines Intros "Last Class" Service

    mouse print United Airlines just announced a new category for its least expensive airfare - basic economy. We've nicknamed it "last class" because you will be treated the opposite of first class. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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    Bargain of the Week

    All Entertainment Coupon Books - $20 and/or 40% off

    Until about November 22, all Entertainment coupon books for various major metro areas around the country are only $20. On and after the 23rd, use promo code wow40 for 40% off. There are hundreds of coupons for buy one, get one free meals, and discounts on hotels, attractions, rental cars, and shopping. Shipping is free. ++

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    2016 Holiday Gift Buying Guide

    Consumer Reports suggests you give a gift this year that is top-rated in their tests. They offer this gift guide to help you make smarter choices.

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