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Top 10 Tips to Bag a Bargain on Black Friday

Best Time to Book Cheaper Holiday Airfares

airplane Knowing when to pull the trigger on an airfare is a combination of art, science, and luck. Surprisingly, those who booked Christmas travel in July, probably overpaid. Here are tips on how to figure out when holiday travel is the cheapest. And to find a good hotel deal, try the new site Room 77.

Black Friday Sales Start Thanksgiving Night; Some Shoppers Unhappy

Six major stores -- Target, Wal-mart, Toys-R-Us, Kohl's, Macy's, and Best Buy -- are opening at midnight Thanksgiving evening (or 9-10pm in some cases), while others like Sears, JC Penney, Office Max and Staples will be opening between 4 - 6am on Friday. This transforms a shopping day historically better suited for early birds to one only a night owl could love. Some shoppers are not happy. When are you going to shop? How do you feel about the midnight openings? Add your comments or read others'.

5 Resources to Get the Right Car at the Right Price

new car The Internet offers a host of resources and sites to help you be smarter about car purchases. Here are five tips to get the right car at the right price.

Consumer Quickies

  • Nice Guys Finish Last with Respect to Credit Scores (put another way, *ssholes have better credit)
  • Should You Buy Disability Insurance?
  • Best Buy Going Out of Business in UK
  • Filtering Makes Honey Untraceable, Potentially Harmful
  • Which Retailers Will Price Match Black Friday Prices?
  • 2011 Gift Card Survey
  • iPhone 4S Does Not Have Antenna Woes Like the 4
  • BofA Settles Bounce Fee Case for $410-mil
  • Pre-checked Fliers Get Through Security Faster
  • Jokes Aside, Siri Gets You More Attached to Your iPhone
  • Verizon Starts a "Double Data" Deal
  • New Unlimited Wi-Fi Centric Cell Plan is Only $19
  • 10 Ways to Have a Happier Life
  • The 12 Techie Scams of Christmas
  • Gov't Officials Secretly Track 1000s by Cellphone Location
  • Supreme Court Mulls Whether Police Can Use GPS to Track You Sans Warrant
  • Cramming Goes Unnoticed by Most; Some Want Ban on Such Charges
  • Beware Online Ticket Sellers that Look Like the Venue
  • BBB Chastises Firms for Misleading "like" me Facebook Offers
  • 7 Charged for Infecting Millions of Computers in Ad Scam
  • In UK, Most Retailers Mislead Consumers on Return Rights
  • NY Times Goes Undercover to Test BnB Service

    2.5 cents/min Long Distance
    No Monthly Min.; Free 800 Number

    phonePay only 2.5 cents a minute for long distance on ECG's state-to-state plan. The rate is good all day, with no minimum usage and no monthly fee like $4.95 or $5.95 -- it is just 99 cents as of Jan. 1, 2010, with a 59˘ reg. recovery fee, along with the usual taxes. You are billed online, and must pay automatically by debit/credit. They use real phone lines, and there are no special codes to dial. Six-second billing saves money, and a free 800 number lets the kids call home easily. U.S. based customer service. Instate and HI/AK rates vary. More information. ++

    CW Exclusives

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Tablet Reviewed
  • Groceries Price Comparison Survey: Drugstores vs. Supermarkets
  • Flaw Lets Hackers Spoof Your Caller ID to Gain Access to Your Credit Card Account History at Major Banks
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet Reviewed
  • Different Prices Coming for Cash vs. Plastic
  • 2010 Retail Return Policy Survey

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    mouse print Advertisers certainly have a way with words. We offer some examples of commonly understood terms that retailers have managed to twist with the goal of making sales. That story is this week in Mouse Print* .

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    23" HP LED Computer Monitor - $99.98

    This deal will sell out fast, already out of stock online. Staples has an HP 23-inch LED computer monitor (matte screen) for only $99.98. This is $30 lower than Black Friday's upcoming price. Check your local Staples store for availability.

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