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Top 10 Tips to Bag a Bargain during Black Friday Week

Black Friday Shopping tips It's time to get ready for all the Black Friday deals, many of which will be available before Friday, November 24. Here are our best tips to snare a great deal, along with specific picks for some of the best-priced items.

This Bot Scams the Scammers for You

scammer You can now give scammers a taste of their own medicine. An online safety nonprofit has created Re:scam. It is an artificial intelligence robot that will engage with scammers and waste their time. How does it work? You merely forward them the scam email, and then the fun begins.


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10 Unexpected Bargains at Costco

Costco Marketwatch scoured a frugal deals messageboard to find some of the out of the ordinary deals that shoppers mentioned that they found at Costco. Some recommended propane and gas prices, others discovered cheap pet meds and great deals on tires.

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Mouse Print* -- Its Open Season on Befuddled Health Plan Shoppers

mouse print Shopping for a new health plan is hard enough, but when the insurance company uses misleading representations about its policy, that complicates the choice even more. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

600 Free University Courses

Some 200 universities just launched 600 online courses free. Here is the full list by subject matter.

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Fake Wood Floors Tested

Consumer Reports tested fake wood floors, both laminate products and tile made to look like wood. And they liked several of them. See video.

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