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Car Rental Companies Rated

new car JD Power surveyed over 12,000 car renters in the past year and asked them to rate their rental car company on price, the pickup and return process, reservations, the car itself, and more. Car renters seem to be pretty satisfied, but some of the biggest names in the business ranked below average. Hint: Hertz, Avis and Budget.

What's New with the Flu?

doctor It's that time again to roll up your sleeve. The flu season is predicted to start earlier than usual this year, so here is what you need to know about the various choices to get innoculated.


7 Retailer Tricks to Make You Spend More

shopping cart You may not think of retailers as scientists, but they are in a sense. They have studied what makes people buy more, and they have applied those tactics in their stores. Here are some of the tricks of their trade.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- When Advertisements Masquerade as News

mouse print When you Google something, you not only get a list of genuine search results, you also see ads on the right related to your search. They are clearly labeled as ads. Such is not always the case on news sites, even respected ones. Lists of news stories on those sites sometimes hide the fact that they are really paid placements, and not story recommendations of the site itself. We show you some outrageous examples. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Free Colonoscopies!

Under the new health care law, insured individuals can get a free colonoscopy as a cancer preventative measure. Previously, copays could be $150 or more in some cases. Check with your hospital however, to see if they will charge you a copay in cases where a polyp is removed for testing.

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