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He Says the "Invoice Price" of Cars is Fake

new cars For years, we have been told that you negotiate the price of a car best by finding out the invoice price, subtracting from it the dealer holdback, and dickering down from there. Now comes James Bragg who says the invoice price is bloated and does not represent the true dealer cost of the car.

16 Black Friday Myths Busted

black Friday According to DealNews, the best deals are not on Black Friday, but rather on Thanksgiving day. Here are some more myths about Black Friday shopping.


Kiplinger's "Best" Lists

Kiplinger's Kiplinger's December issue puts together a host of financial tips including: best tools to manage your money, best banks and credit cards, best travel booking sites, best cell plans, and more.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- We'll Beat Anyone's Price by 15% or It's Free*

mouse print Some catch-phrases in advertising are just ridiculous. We look at one for flooring, and show that even the advertiser itself knows the claim is silly. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week Friends & Family Sale

ONLINE ONLY until 10am Eastern time Tuesday, Nov. 11: Save an extra 5-15% off in certain categories (prices shown reflect discount), and get more off or points back with your Sears credit card and Shop Your Way store loyalty card. Some of the prices for major appliances are LOWER than Black Friday. Be careful. Sears has voided certain coupons (like $100 back in points), and not taken any discounts or lower discounts than the exclusions state for some items. You must combine savings offers (coupons, points, Sears card use, F&F, spending $500+, etc.) to save the most. For comparison, see the Sears Black Friday ad here.

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Consumer Reports

Best Ranges for Baking

Consumer Reports tests ranges for among other things how well they bake. Here are their top (but generally expensive) picks.

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