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Mouse Print* -- This is How Sears Treats "Family and Friends"?

mouse print Sears is running its big "Family & Friends" sale early this week, which many shoppers look forward to. But what may seem like generous extra discounts and bonus points may be largely illusory depending on what you buy and how you pay. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

Beware Artificial Sweetener that Can Kill Your Dog

dog A common sweetener used in sugarless gum and many other products called xylitol can cause serious illness and even death in dogs. Just once slice of gum that a curious 26 pound dog ingests could be toxic.


Hidden Reasons People Spend Too Much

empty pockets Despite good intentions, many of us screw up our finances. Here’s a look at what science is uncovering about our hidden impulses to spend and save, and how we can correct some of our worst mistakes.

11 Worst Internet Scams People Still Fall For

scammer David Pogue, the former NY Times tech reporter who now works for Yahoo!, says that these 11 old scams still are luring victims who lose billions of dollars each year to them.

10 Apps (and 14 Other Tips) to Help Cut Grocery Bills

cart Over a year's time, we probably spend more money in grocery stores than any other type of retailer. Here are 10 smartphone apps, including some you have never heard of, that can help save you money on groceries. (See tip #5.)

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Spend $15 with Chase Freedom/Visa Checkout, Get $15 Back

Until the end of the year, when you shop at one of the Visa Checkout affiliated merchants using Visa Checkout and your Chase Freedom card, you will get a $15 credit card credit when you make one $15 or more online purchase. You must register your Chase Freedom card with Visa Checkout.

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Consumer Reports

7 Products Deeply Discounted in November

November is a big shopping month, not only because of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are seven products likely to be deeply discounted this month, according to Consumer Reports. We'd add major appliances to the list too.

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