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Rental Car Companies Ripoff Customers on Tolls

rental car A close look at rental car companies' policies on payment of tolls will shock you. For a number of firms, if you use the toll transponder mounted on the windshield on just one day of your rental, you may be charged a fee for each day of your rental even though you didn't go on toll roads again. Yikes!

Best and Worst Things to Buy at Walgreens

walgreens Can you really get good deals at the drugstore? Sometimes the answer is yes. Here are some "do buys" and "don't buys" at Walgreens.


Oprah's Favorite Things 2016 at Amazon Prices

Oprah Oprah's show has been off the air for years, but her "favorite things" continue. Here are Oprah's best gift ideas for 2016. ++

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Mouse Print* -- With 100s of Exclusions, Kohl's Coupons Questioned

mouse print If you think all the exclusions on Macy's coupons are bad, wait until you see the list for Kohl's. They needed a web page to list them all! That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Free for Veterans on Nov. 11

This Friday is Veterans Day and merchants around the country are offering freebies to veterans and in most cases to active military as well, upon presentation of ID. Here is a list and here is another list.

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Consumer Reports

Stay Away from These Low-Rated Professional Gas Stoves

What? A $2000, $3000, or $4000 gas stove can have problems? Consumer Reports says some can’t simmer without scorching, or the oven’s heat is so uneven that baking requires close supervision and turning and moving pans. What do you want for $4000?

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