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Price-Match Policies Get Tricky

Several brick and mortar stores just announced new price-match policies that now include matching Internet prices. So, Consumer World decided to survey nine major retailers' policies, and discovered sneaky fine print that could allow them to wiggle out of giving you any money back in many instances.

Best Things to Buy in November

shopping As the holiday shopping season kicks off, here are some of the best things to buy in November. And remember, despite stories to the contrary, Black Friday is still the single best shopping day of the year (not for all advertised items, but for "doorbusters").


Auto Insurers Ranked

We all pay our car insurance bills faithfully in the hopes that should we need to make a claim, the company will compensate us quickly and fairly. Over 12,000 consumers who settled claims in the past six months were asked to rate their insurance carrier. See how they rank.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- T-Mobile's "Unlimited" (?) 4G Service

mouse print One of the most abused words by companies that offer any type of data services is "unlimited". T-Mobile continues the tradition with its new "no caps, no overages, no limits" 4G unlimited service. See their clever catch. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Windows 8 for Dummies -- Free

Dell is giving away free copies of the ebook, Windows 8 for Dummies. Just fill out their form.

10-pc Hard Anodized Cookware Set -- $75!

APOLOGIES: SEARS JUST PULLED THE OFFER at 6:59AM MONDAY. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Sears has the lowest price ever on a $169 nonstick hard anodized cookware set. It is only $75 after coupon/promo code SEARS2012 which you apply at checkout. Only online with free delivery, or pick up in store. Likely ends Tuesday at 7am. This set has Elipse nonstick coating -- one of the two best coatings that theoretically allows you to use metal utensils (but don't). Warning: pans are thinner than other brands, however. As a reference, the previous best ever price was $95, and MrConsumer actually paid $112 for this set in August!

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Consumer Reports

The Longest Lasting Batteries

Consumer Reports tested batteries and reports on the ones that last the longest (and those that pooped out quickly). Best bet, however, is to buy "pre-charged" rechargeable batteries.

Customer Service Kudos

roses Post a compliment here (or read some) about specific companies that provided great service. [No whining!]

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