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Most Reliable New Cars

new cars Consumer Reports has just released its annual list of reliable cars. (A red check mark indicates the car is on their recommended list.) Here are other content links related to this story. Note: Individual reviews only available to subscribers.

Your Cellphone is a Growing Target for Malware

cellphone Most people have anti-virus protection on their home computers. But, when it comes to cellphones, we don't take the same precautions. Recently, the FBI issued a warning about stealth malware that can tap into your calls and emails. And the New York Times reports that malware on cellphones is rare, but a growing threat.


10 Things Cable Companies Won't Tell You

cable Cable companies are not exactly loved by their customers, and that is putting it mildly. Here are some of their tricks of the trade that add to consumers' frustrations.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- At Sears, "All" Does Not Always Mean "All"

mouse print Retailers like to toss around words like "everything" (is on sale) and "all" (categories of merchandise are included). Unfortunately, at Sears, "all" does not always mean "all." That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Zantac 24/30 Tablets A/R

Get a free 24 or 30 count box of Zantac heartburn relief, up to $11 after rebate. Offer good November 2 - 10 only, except as noted at specific retailers on the rebate form.

Logitech PC Keyboard - $7.87

Have the letters worn off your keyboard or is it all full of crud? Here's a quality PC USB wired full-size keyboard replacement from Logitech (K120) for only $7.87 at Walmart. Or, find it at Staples where it is currently $23.75 and have them match the price!

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Consumer Reports

Top Refrigerators Named

Consumer Reports lists the top recommended refrigerators of the various major brands. Just be warned, they are expensive.

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