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New Broadcast TV Standard Promises Better Picture, But Could be Costly

TV ATSC 3.0 For people who cut the cable cord, big changes are coming to receiving over-the-air TV via an antenna. It is called ATSC 3.0 -- a new TV standard that promises up to a 4K (ultra HD) picture and new features. There is a big but, however. Your current TV cannot receive a signal under the new standard, so you will need some type of adapter at some point. And there is talk that some services will no longer be free over the air. Yikes!

Companies Want to Inject Spam Robocall Advertising Directly into Your Voicemail Without Ringing Your Phone

mad at phone Robocalling your landline or cellphone despite being on the do not call list is bad enough, now companies want permission from the FCC to leave advertising messages on your voicemail directly, without your phone even ringing. Really. We encourage you to voice your opinion against this plan to the FCC. Here's how.


You May be Overcharged on Your Prescription Drug Co-Pay

pills MrConsumer has a $25 copay for certain prescriptions through his health insurance. But when the actual cost of the drug is less than $25, he pays that lesser amount, such as $3.42 for 90-days worth of a particular generic drug. Other consumers are not so lucky. They may be charged the full copay and a middleman pockets the difference. Watch this story and check with your insurer to see if you are being overcharged.

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Mouse Print* -- Payless Car Rental’s Shady Practices Get National Spotlight

mouse print Last fall, Mouse Print* called attention to some very shady practices at Payless Car Rental. Now ABC News has gone undercover, hidden cameras rolling, to see if they could catch them overcharging customers. And they did! That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Get Full Size Right Guard Spray Antiperspirant Free After Rebate

Until June 15, you can get a free can of Right Guard dry antipersirant spray after a mail-in rebate up to $6.99. You must purchase it either at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid or Wakefern/ShopRite ONLY and use the rebate form specifically made for that store.

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Buying Guide for Gas Grills

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