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The Top Six Suncreens

sunscreen Consumer Reports just finished testing a dozen sunscreens. The results: some of the cheapest ones were the best. Here is some additional advice from Consumer Reports on sunscreens including how they test them.

10 Things the Sleep-Aid Industry Won't Tell You

hammock Getting a good night's sleep gets tougher for many of us as we age. Waking up at 4 am is no fun, just ask MrConsumer. Whether it is pills, a fancy new mattress, or a sleep lab, all these remedies have dirty little secrets that alone could keep you up at night.


New Consumer Show: The Lookout

ABC is debuting a new consumer show on Wednesday night at 10pm (Eastern) called "The Lookout." Terrible name, but promising show where reporters spotlight the scammers and tricks of the trade.

Understanding Continuing Care Communities

As baby boomers get older, 55+ housing options are being considered more and more. One variant is the "continuing care retirement community" (CCRC) that combines independent living options with the ability to move next door to the assisted living or nursing home component of the complex. Here is a detailed article about CCRCs and checklist for evaluating CCRCs.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Part 3: Kohl's Sued Over Fake Sales

mouse print Concluding our series about stores marking up prices just to offer "discounts" from those inflated prices, we look at Kohl's. Last week, a federal appeals court sided with a consumer who alleged that Kohl's misrepresented prices when it advertised deep discount "sales." That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Walgreens Bottled Water -- $1.99 for 24

Walgreens only does this sale a few times a year: 24 bottles (16.9 oz) of purified Nice brand water is only $1.99 MONDAY ONLY. While Consumer World is not a fan of wasting money on bottled water, these bottles are very handy for the beach and picnics. And at just about 8 cents a bottle, that is a deal and a half.


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Consumer Reports

And the New Top-Rated Smartphone is...

Consumer Reports just crowned its new top-rated smartphone, and the winner is... the Samsung Galaxy S 4! Coincidentally, Consumer World is testing that very phone right now, and will have a report on it in June.

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