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America's Most Trusted Brands

trust Readers Digest asked over five thousand people to name the most trusted brand in dozens of product categories. The results: for cars: Ford; for cruise lines: Carnival (we disagree!); for detergents: Tide; cellphone brands: Apple; etc. See the full list.

Beware Travel Fine Print

fine print The "gotchas" are always in the fine print, and with travel purchases, there are a lot of opportunities for strings and catches. Here are some of the tricks to look for in the fine print of airline, hotel, and credit card contracts.


Why is it so Hard to Stop Buying Stuff?

shopping bags We are buying far more than we need, craving goods, services, and food in seemingly endless quantities. Why do we keep doing this? Scientists say the answer is in our brain's reward system.

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Mouse Print* -- Understanding (or Misunderstanding) Reward Credit Card Offers

mouse print If you are using a credit card that doesn't provide some type of reward, whether cash back, miles, or points, you have got to get one. But, understanding what rewards you really get may not be so easy as demonstrated with this card. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

$10 - $40 Rebates on Home Depot Paint

Until Memorial Day, get $10 back per gallon (via prepaid card) or $40 back per five gallon bucket on most Home Depot Behr Premium paints and stains, indoor and out. There does not appear to be a limit. See rebate form for specific types of paints and other brands included.

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Consumer Reports

Best Suntan Lotions

Consumer Reports says that over a third of the sunscreen products they tested had less than half the SPF (sunblocking protection) they claimed on the label. See the list of winning sunscreens in various categories. You need to be a subscriber to see the losers' list.

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