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Get Your Share of $158-mil from Verizon and Sprint Settlements

cell phone settlements Last week, Verizon and Sprint settled with the FCC over allegations that they profited from a variety of premium text message services that were crammed onto consumers' bills without their express authorization. If this happened to you since 2010, you may qualify for a refund. Make Sprint claims here and make Verizon claims here. After July 1, both companies will provide you with a list of premium charges from your old bills.

The Dangers of Counterfeit Products

ABC's 20/20 featured an entire program about counterfeit products [video part one] last week, and exposed not only the economic harm that results, but also significant health risks. Included are segments about counterfeit prescription drugs, airbags, makeup, and even Crest toothpaste. Other show segments are here.


Airlines With the Most Frequent Flier Seats Available

airplane A new study was just released looking at all the major airlines' frequent flier programs to see how easy or hard it was to get a free reward seat. Southwest had a perfect score, and JetBlue scored high also. Toward the bottom of the list: Delta.

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Mouse Print* -- Ambiguous 2-Fer Offers

mouse print Buy one, get one free offers really attract a shopper's attention. But when the purchase requirement and price are unclear, consumers are more confused than tantalized. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

LAST DAY: Get 16% Cash Back at 150 Stores

If you are about to make a major online purchase, today (Monday) is the last day to celebrate Ebates' 16th birthday with a 16% rebate on purchases at 150 stores. Just use their links to visit your favorite store on the list, and you'll save a bundle. Joining is free. ++

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Consumer Reports

1 in 3 Sunscreens Don't Have the SPF Claimed

A new test by Consumer Reports of 34 sunscreens reveals that one-third of them had less sun protection than claimed on the label. Here are some of the brands that flunked the test.

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