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36 Apps to Save You Money

save money Time magazine writers scoured the Internet to find 36 top financial apps for travel, tracking your money, your home, retirement planning, shopping, college, and investing.

When Regular Complaining Fails...Try This!

complaining New York Times money columnist Ron Lieber has a secret weapon to resolve consumer complaints. It is called the Executive Email Carpet Bomb (E.E.C.B. for short) -- a well-written message to the right group of corporate executives. MrConsumer suggests finding a specific person in the company who will care about your problem. He found the head of Kenmore appliances who gave him a new stove!


14 Costco (Semi-)Secret Shopping Tips

Costco Do you know there is a clever way to shop at Costco without having to buy a membership? Do you know the deadline for renewing or buying a new membership to beat the coming price increase? Find out those things and more.

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Mouse Print* -- Burger King Got Caught in a Whopper

mouse print In his nearly 40 years in the consumer protection business, MrConsumer has heard just about every retail trick in the book. This is a new one that you won't believe. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

5 Ream Case of Paper -- $1 a/r + coupon

Until Tuesday, you can buy a five ream case of Hammermill copy paper from Staples for only $1 net (after coupon and Easy Rebate).

Get a Target Debit Card, Save an Extra 10%; + 5% Everyday

Until May 20, if you apply for a Target debit card, they will send you a coupon for an extra 10% off. But, you always get 5% off everyday when you use your card, plus free shipping, and a longer return period. The money for purchases comes directly out of your checking account, just like your regular debit card. ++

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Top Toilets

Consumer Reports offers suggestions on almost everything including toilets. Here are four models that are highly rated, including a bargain from Lowe's at $100.

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