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How to Cut Your Cable Bill by up to $500 a Year

cable Are you annoyed by seeing how low cable or triple play prices are for new customers, but you are paying much more because your special ran out? You may be able to negotiate a lower price by calling your cable provider, competitor's ad in hand, and asking to speak to a retention specialist. Those are the folks that may bend over backwards to keep you as a customer if you threaten to switch to a competing carrier.

Don't Fall for a "Ransomware" Scam

ransomeware Imagine the fright if you saw a message on your computer saying that it has been locked by the FBI because you visited a pornography site and you now have to pay a fine. It is a scam. You can generally use Norton Power Eraser (free) or Malwarebytes to remove the bogus warning.


Beware Charges Crammed onto Your Cell Bill

cell For years, unscrupulous marketers have quietly tucked small charges for services you never ordered ("cramming") onto your landline phone bill. Now they are adding these inconspicuous charges onto your cell bill. The FCC is calling for new protections, including requiring phone companies to tell you how to block all such charges (the best remedy). Here also are tips on how to prevent cramming.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- "Fake" Regular Prices Return to J.C. Penney

mouse print After J.C. Penney's just-ousted CEO got rid of phony sales and discounts off of fake regular prices at the retail chain, sales plummeted. Now that he is gone, it looks like inflated regular prices are making a comeback so they can be deeply "discounted" again. We show you actual examples of how their regular prices have just jumped up, in some cases by hundreds of dollars. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Free Cone Day at Haagen-Dazs

Tuesday, May 14 is free cone day at participating Haagen-Dazs stores from 4 to 8pm. Find a participating location. [Be sure to check the free cone day box when searching.]

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Consumer Reports

Tesla Model S Gets Highest Score Ever

Tesla, the pioneering electric car maker, just received Consumer Reports' highest score ever -- 99 out of 100 -- for its Model S sports car. It gets 200 miles on a charge. Now the bad news: it costs $62,000 to $89,000.

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