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25 Tips for Saving at Target

target There is an art to saving money at Target. For example, do you know about Cartwheel? Those are online coupons for extra discounts at Target. And you can knock an extra 5% off and get free shipping with a Target Red Card. Here are 23 more tips to save the most at Target.

Wine: Best Values + Misleading Labels

wine We have two stories about wine for you this week. The first alleges that a big chain of wine stores routinely displays shelf labels that don't match the vintage of the wine being sold [video]. And from the WSJ, five French wines that it says are the best value for the money.


Take This Food Labeling Quiz

Label So you think you're supermarket savvy, do you? Try this seven question quiz on food labeling and claims [click top link on redirect page] but don't be surprised if you flunk!

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Mouse Print* -- Is it a TV Show or is it Advertising?

mouse print A popular TV show last week raised eyebrows when some of the show's content was created for a paying sponsor...and that fact was buried in the credits. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Unlimited Home Phone Service - $15/mo

Imagine being able to make unlimited local and domestic long distance calls from your home phone for only $15 including all fees except sales tax. You can do that with this novel device from Straight Talk Wireless. It is basically a wireless voice modem that works on the Verizon wireless network (so if you don't have good VZW coverage at home, don't buy this). To this device you connect a conventional wired telephone or cordless home phone. All calls go through the nearest Verizon wireless tower for completion. There is a rechargeable battery backup. The device is a reconditioned Huawei H226C which is FREE when you buy the first $15 Straight Talk card to cover service for the first month. Best for one-phone households, or connect a cordless base phone with satellite handsets. Not for faxes or home security units. If you travel a lot, you can take the whole unit with you! You can port your existing landline number to this device.

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Home Renovation Without Aggravation

Aggravation is an integral part of renovations you have done on your home. So while you can't eliminate home improvement stress, Consumer Reports offers tips to help prevent a living nightmare.

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