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Best/Worst States for Retirement

hammock Bankrate compiled statistics on each state's crime rate, cost of living, health care quality, tax rate, weather, and more to come up with rankings of the best and worst states to retire. Topping the list this year: Wyoming, and in 50th place is Arkansas.

10 Spending Habits Costing You Money

coin Almost half of Americans say they are spending more than they did a year ago, and they are saving less. Here are 10 common purchases that if eliminated, reduced, or changed, can save you a bundle in the aggregate.


"Good to the Last Drop" Invention Empties Bottles, Eliminates Waste

Liquiglide How annoying it is to have ketchup, mustard, toothpaste and other sticky substances stuck to the inside of the bottles and tubes they come in. We paid for it all, but can't use it all. Until now. Liquiglide, a coating for the inside of packaging, creates so slippery a surface that all the contents come flowing out.

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Mouse Print* -- Hertz Hides the Lowest Priced Cars

mouse print Finding the least expensive rental car is no easy feat. One company makes you think you have found their lowest rate, but hides the cheapest car by placing it out of price order on their search results page. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

99 Cent Eggs at Target

Just in time for Easter, Target is offering a dozen eggs for only 99 cents through Saturday, April 4, while supplies last.

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Consumer Reports

12 New Cars that Don't Measure Up

Some cars fall well short of being marvels of technology. Here, Consumer Reports highlights their disappointing dozen — the cars the magazine has recently tested with the lowest test scores.

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