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12 Overlooked Credit Card Perks

credit cards When making a major purchase, do you just randomly pluck a credit card from your wallet? Stop it! Pick the best card for that particular item. For example, using a card that doubles the manufacturer's warranty is a must on a major appliance purchase, but the one with the best collision damage waiver make the most sense when renting a car. Using a card with "return protection" (another under-used credit card benefit) can come in handy when buying from an unfamiliar online seller.

New Tools to Find Lower Drug Prices

pills A new online service, Blink Health, offers a fixed discount price [click top link on redirect page] for each generic prescription drug they sell. You pay for it online but pick it up at the local drugstore of your choice. In some cases, their prices could be less than your insurance co-pay. Works less well for name brand, top-tier drugs.


7 Tips to Negotiate a Lower Cable Bill

cable tv Too many of us fall for the introductory $69-$99 triple plays advertised by cable companies, only later to see our cable bills total $150 or more a month. If you are paying too much for cable, it is time to renegotiate using these tips rather than paying a service to do it for you. Little known tip: sometimes you'll fare better finding a sympathetic cable rep on the company's website.

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Mouse Print* -- Use Only in the Case of an Apocalypse

mouse print Just in time for April Fool's Day... Some companies, even Amazon, like to tuck absurd provisions in their terms and conditions statements as a humorous treat for those consumers who actually take the time to read them. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Free Credit Monitoring for AAA Members

You may not realize it, but AAA members are entitled to free credit monitoring of your Experian credit report, as well as lost wallet service. Here's where members can sign up.

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10 Lowest Rated Cars

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