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10 Sneaky Plumber Tricks of the Trade

plunger From giving lowball estimates to bringing multiple workers to do the work (and charging hourly for each one), plumbers have us over a barrel sometimes. Here are some more of the tricks of their trade.

States with Highest/Lowest Taxes

Some states, believe it or not, have state and local taxes that are only about one-third the national average. Some other states have taxes that are 30-40% higher than average. See how your state ranks.


10 Cars That Could Last 200,000 Miles

new car An analysis of car sales/advertising data from 1981-2010 reveals 10 models of cars that are still on the road with 200,000+ miles on their odometers. No claim is made about the condition of these cars, but to be still running with all those miles says something about durability.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Muscling in on Your Wallet

mouse print The press release, seemingly from a consumer advocacy group, said that it had just released a review of a pill product that is supposed to build muscles, and it lived up to claims. Our trusty mouse decided to check out this consumer group and wait until you see what he discovered. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Earn Free American Airlines Miles

American Airlines frequent flier miles expire in 18 months if you don't have a new deposit or withdrawal. Here is a simple way to earn free miles to add to your account and keep it alive. It is called the Advantage Passport Challenge on Facebook. Game ends around May 20.

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Consumer Reports

Winners and Losers at Walmart

It the course of testing, Consumer Reports has evaluated many products sold by Walmart. Here are some that rated high in tests, and some that you should probably avoid.

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