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Welcome CBC Viewers:
See Downsized Groceries in Canada

10 Ways Airlines Try to Scam You

airplane The nickel and diming ways of cable and wireless companies have made their way to airlines over the past few years. Here are the top 10 sneaky ways the airlines try to put one over on you.

Scam Detecting: There's an App for That!

no scams There's an app for everything... so why not for this. Scam Detector is both a website and an app listing hundreds of scams, broken down into nine categories.


Companies Ranked on Customer Experience

Like most cable customers, periodically something goes wrong with MrConsumer's triple play service (provided by RCN, a regional company). But, they go the extra mile to resolve the problem, so I love them. Now Tempkin Ratings has attempted to capture real customers' attitudes toward many of the companies they deal with. They ranked providers and stores on their "net goodness" -- based on the customer's success, effort required, and emotion involved in interactions with the company. Scroll through the nearly 300 companies to see how they ranked. And no surprise, Comcast is #291.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Product Downsizing Hits Canada Too

mouse print MrConsumer flew to Toronto two weeks ago to help the CBC consumer program, Marketplace, expose how downsized products ripoff grocery shoppers. Watch the segment and see examples of some very familiar brands shrinking in size north of the border (and here too). That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Mulch -- $1.80 per bag

Walmart has what will likely be the lowest price of the year on two cubic foot bags of mulch -- $1.80 each. Your choice of black, brown or red. Sale ends April 4. (Price could vary by region.)

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Consumer Reports

Which Organic Produce Should You Buy/Skip

Consumer Reports says there are 10 fruits and vegetables which you should buy organic, but others have non-organic versions that are just as safe from pesticide residue.

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