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States with Highest/Lowest Property Taxes

house Real estate property taxes vary greatly from state to state. Hawaii has the lowest tax rate -- just over a quarter of one percent of assessed value. The rate is 10 times higher in New Jersey, however. Of course, home values vary across the country. So for comparison, see what a nearly $200,000 house would cost you yearly in each state.

Check Ratings of Surgeons

doctor The nonprofit Consumers' Checkbook just started a new website called . This website, based on analyses of more than five million surgeries done in hospital by more than 50,000 surgeons, shows you which surgeons' patients Checkbook found had the lowest (or highest) rates of deaths, prolonged lengths of stay (indicating likely complications), or need to be readmitted to the hospital, after risk-adjustments for patient characteristics. You can look up doctors in 12 specialties. Keep in mind that their list is NOT all-inclusive.


What to Do if You Spill Liquid on a Laptop

laptop Besides having a panic attack, there are some immediate steps you should take if you spill water or another liquid onto the keys of your laptop. Opinions on steps to take vary, so do check out other advice online.

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Mouse Print* -- The Secret Behind Shrinking Corned Beef

mouse print Raise your hand if you made corned beef last week. Raise your hand if that big piece of meat shrunk up to nothing by the time it was done. This happened for a reason, but not the one you think. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Colored T-Shirts - 5 for $10

Through Saturday, Michael's (craft stores) has Gildan t-shirts in assorted colors for adults and kids at the lowest price of the year - 5 for $10, or $2 each. Check labels carefully: not all colors are 100% cotton.

10-pc Hard Anodized Cookware Set - $99.99 with $39.99 back in Points

This is a crazy low net price for a great 10 piece cookware set with one of the longest lasting brands of nonstick interiors (Eclipse) at (only). The website claims you will get back $39.99 in Shop Your Way (SYW) points (usually with only 14-day expiration). $20 of the $39.99 may be a SYW coupon that you need to preload to your account at You may also have $12 in surprise points to use on the purchase March 20th only. WARNING: use of points to purchase a Sears item often voids the points back offer. Also, expect to have to fight for $39.99 in points which may not be credited automatically. Take screenshots of the offer just in case. Offer ends 3/25 or earlier.

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10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Used Car Sales Tactics

Does anyone really like the process of buying a car? And when buying a used car, there is even more to worry about. Here are 10 tips on how not to get snookered.

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