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17 Things Car Salesmen Don't Want You to Know

new car Most people don't like the car buying process because of all the games that car dealers play. Here are some of their dirty little secrets.

Looking for the Lowest Price?
These Tools Will Help You

coupons Even savvy shoppers need a little extra help ferreting out the best deals. These tools will help you find the best price (or at least a better price) on the things you want to buy.


Save with Prepaid Internet + Hotspot

hotspot People who want to save money on cell service often buy prepaid cellphones where you buy a bucket of minutes that you use as you need them. Now there is prepaid Internet for those folks who don't want to pay an exorbitant monthly fee to their cellphone company. For this service to work, you need to buy a hotspot device, typically in the $59 to $79 price range, and then a bucket of data. The hotspot is like a tiny portable router, grabbing an Internet connection from a cell tower, and allowing you to connect to it via wifi from your cellphone or tablet. Some services charge as little as $14 a gig, and it doesn't expire. Be warned, however, most of these services deliver only 3G speeds despite some with 4G claims. Not included in the story linked here are two additional options: "Internet on the Go" from Walmart, and

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- FTC Warns Against Mouse Print in Online Ads

mouse print The FTC just revised its guide on mouse print used in online advertising. It even goes so far as to say that ads masquerading as tweets need proper disclosure, and if the disclosure doesn't fit, maybe that medium shouldn't be used. We show some mock ads and how disclosures are now supposed to be made online. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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    Best Bargain Cleaners

    Shop Smart, Consumer Reports' sister publication, just named some of the best and cheapest household cleaners you can buy. Old standbys like Comet and Pinesol topped the list, and so did one store brand of detergent.

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