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Get the Free 2014 Consumer Bible

Consumer Action Handbook Our friends at the federal Citizens Information Center are giving Consumer World readers the first crack at ordering the bible of every consumer office in the country, the 2014 Consumer Action Handbook. This book lists federal and state consumer offices, customer service contacts at major companies, and provides a lot of good background information on consumer rights. Order your copy here, or read it online.

Double Your Cell Battery's Life for Little as $15!

The Wall Street Journal recently tested cellphone cases that double as battery chargers giving your phone an easy recharge on the go. While most are in the $90-$100 range, the WSJ found one no-name case for only $15 on Amazon, and it worked great (albeit a little slowly).


Amazon Accused of Raising Prices to Cover "Free" Shipping

Amazon Frequent Amazon shoppers often sign up to become members of Amazon Prime, a $79 plan that promises free two-day shipping for a year. Now two lawsuits by consumers claim that Amazon has encouraged third-party sellers whose products are featured on Amazon to raise their prices, embedding the cost of shipping into their selling price.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- When Hotwire's $25 Off Promotion Gives You Nothing Off

mouse print A Mouse Print* reader wrote to complain about an offer from Hotwire promising a $25 savings if he downloaded their app. You can guess what happened next. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Bags of Mulch - $2

Lowes is offering bags with two cubic feet of mulch (brown, black, or red) for only $2 through March 24. Website pricing varies regionally, but the Lowe's homepage lists the item as 5 for $10.

Free Finish Dishwasher Detergent a/r

Buy Finish Quantum (10-12 ct) or Finish Powerball(12-20 ct) and get a mail-in refund of up to $4.99. Rinse Aid up to 8.45 oz free after rebate also (up to $4.50). See terms in this past Sunday's SmartSource coupon insert. Also, here are printable coupons for both items. Here are details, but this form appears NOT to be required.

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Consumer Reports

Don't Spend a Fortune on Heartburn Relief

Got heartburn? Consumer Reports says you don't have to spend a fortune on heartburn relief medications. Generic over-the-counter versions of Prilosec and Prevacid cost one-tenth the price of the name brands, for example. The magazine also says that Nexium is overused but is the best selling name brand drug.

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