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Welcome CBC Viewers: Come back Monday for Downsized Groceries in Canada

Free Travel Offers -- NOT

airplane Everyone knows not believe those offers from timeshare companies promising "free" trips that are never free. But, there are many other travel promotions that only seem like a great deal until you read the fine print (or find out the hard way).

Navigating Social Security to Get the Most Money

Get What's Yours A Boston University economics professor has written the definitive book, Get What's Yours, [read extensive excerpts at this link] on how to get the most money from Social Security. (The book is best for married couples, according to some reviews, and less good for single people.) He has a companion website, where he sells access to a comprehensive calculator to help you find the best option. There is also a less sophisticated but free calculator at T. Rowe Price.


How to Clean Crapware from Your Computer

laptop While we all welcome the speed of a new computer, there is a downside to its purchase most times: it is full of junk programs and things you don't want or need. Here is a guide from PC Magazine on how to remove that crapware.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- FTC Sues DirecTV Over Misleading Ads

mouse print Last week, the FTC sued DirecTV alleging that its advertising didn't clearly disclose the costs for the second year of service and that a steep early termination penalty applied. We look at their current ad (and you really do need a magnifying glass). That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Free Can of Bacon Friskies

Fill out the form, and get a free 5.5 ounce can of Friskies cat food with real bacon. Good through May 8.

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Consumer Reports

10 Safest Cars Under $10,000 for Teenagers

Consumer Reports says that the used cars on this list are among the safest ones you can buy for your teen, and they won't break the bank.

Kiplinger Personal Finance

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